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Our weight loss programs include a combination of weight loss Acupuncture with magnets no needles, the Food guide plan , appetite suppressants for fast and long term weight loss*. Under supervision 15 years of experience, our rapid weight loss programs offer a safe and easy way to lose weight*. You can trust that you are in experienced hands when you come in to Figura En Linea Weight Loss Centers. The professionals at our weight loss clinics are proud to be always up to date on the latest advances in natural weight loss.

How is Auriculotherapy related to other forms of Alternative Medicine?

Auriculotherapy is considered one form of alternative medicine, which also includes acupuncture, chiropractic manipulation, homeopathy, and biofeedback. All of these techniques are also referred to as Complementary Medicine, in that they are not only an alternative to conventional Western medical treatments, they can serve as an additional procedure which complements the practice conventional medicine. Auriculotherapy can reduce the tension, stress, Anxiety, Estres and pain not fully relieved by other medical procedures, but works best when implemented as part of a multidisciplinary complement of multiple treatment approaches. 

How  auriculotherapy help for Weight Loss ?

    By facilitating a balancing of energy throughout the body macrosystems or by correcting pathological reflex centers in the brain, stimulation of the auricular acupuncture microsystem can lead to a homeostatic state whereby any form of stress or pain is lessened. Stimulation of the specific ear reflex points that correspond to a particular area like metabolism of the body leads to either a reduction of excess stimulation or an enhancement of diminished under activity of the affected region. The overall effect of auriculotherapy is to create a more balanced condition throughout the body.

How many treatment sessions are needed to help patients?

    There is no set number of treatments for any  weight loss treated by auriculotherapy, but it is common that the severity of most over weight are moderately reduced by four to six sessions and greatly reduce by eight to twelve sessions.

What scientific studies verify the effectiveness of Auriculotherapy?

    A list of the research articles and medical texts that describe the efficacy of Natural work with auriculotherapy

Auriculoteraphy Weight Plan provides flexible weight loss programmes to both women and men through our

Figura En Linea Consultant, who will give you one-to-one support on your weight loss journey.

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